Cape Maclear or Chembe is a town in the Mangochi District of Malawi’s Southern Region. The town is located on the Nankumba Peninsula, it is on the southern shore of lake Malawi and is the busiest resort on Lake Malawi. Cape Maclear is close to the islands of Domwe and Thumbwe on Lake Malawi and is Lake Malawi National Park. Cape Maclear is an amazing place that attracts all kinds of travelers; honeymooners, backpackers, families and even group travellers. The golden sand of the beach teamed with the relaxed atmosphere makes it the perfect getaway.

There is no shortage of accommodation options in Cape Maclear. No matter your budget you’ll find something Owsum that will suit you; from camping on the shores of the lake, accommodation on the island – Mumbo island which is 10km off Cape Maclear.

Things to do in Cape Maclear
  • Shop
  • Snorkel
  • Sunbathe
  • Scuba Dive
  • Kayak
  • Volleyball
  • Hike
  • Boat trip touring the islands
  • Village tour
  • Explore!
  • Cape Maclear is a leading tourist destination and the busiest resort on Lake Malawi. The area is well known for backpackers. Restaurants, bars, lodges and even guesthouses are available within town. Cape Maclear accommodates different kinds of activities that includes: hiking, snorkeling, boat cruies, kayaking and diving just to mention afew.Lake Malawi is one of the best freshwater lakes in the world which makes it the best place to dive. Other activities on the lake can be arranged based on what ones interest. Cape Maclear and its islands, forest and bay were declared a noational park in 1980, creating the Lake Malawi National Park, the first freshwater national park in the world. In 1984 the area became the UNESCO World Herititage site. There is a museum about the formation of the Lake and its wildlife at the Cape Maclear. There are hiking trails around the national park, you can go with a local guide or venture by yourself. The hikes aren’t particularly challenging but be sure to take plenty of water. If you are wanting to see more of the village and gain better insight into local culture, village walks can also be. Cape Maclear provides a magnificent setting for a sunset, making it one of Malawi’s best sunset spots. It is one of the only lakeshore resorts to get the sunset and what a sunset it is. So grab your tipple of choice, sit back, and watch the sun go down on what is sure to be another glorious day.There is no need to scuba dive to experience the lake’s underwater world. Grab a snorkel and kayak to Thumbi Island. Snorkel by the rocks, you are guaranteed to see Malawi’s famous fish; cichlids – indigenous to the lake. With over 1000 species found in the lake you will see an array of brightly coloured fish just through snorkelling.

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