It is regarded as Malawi’s premiere Game Park, Liwonde national park has a varied terrain spread over 548 square kilometres Marshlands and grasslands comprise its land scape. Liwonde has outstanding bird watching. The central feature of the park is the imposing shire river that flows along its western border. The river is the Lake Malawi’s only outlet. Flowing from north to south, emptying into the Zambezi river in Mozambique. In Liwonde you might choose the type of safari you may need: walking safari, boat safari and even game drive. With its lodges and safari activities, Liwonde is the closest thing Malawi has to a traditional wildlife park. Dominating the west, the Shire River overflows with hippos and crocodiles and is a favourite stamping ground for the 500-plus elephants. Waterbucks are also common near the water, while beautiful sable and roan antelopes, zebras and elands populate the floodplains. Night drives can reveal spotted genets, bush babies, scrub hares, side-striped jackals and even spotted hyenas. Several black rhinos are protected within a separate enclosure as part of a rhino-breeding program, and there's a rich and colourful array of birdlife. October to January is particularly good for bird watching, as migratory birds. With the introduction of cheetah to the park after disappearing for many years makes it one of the best safari places to visit in Malawi. One of the real pleasures of a trip to Liwonde is boating along the river, the water dotted with purple lilies and statuesque palms framing the hills behind. Morning or evening, you're virtually guaranteed to see hippos and likely to see crocodiles, fish eagles, and a whole lot of other water birds.

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