The Mulanje Massif, also known as Mount Mulanje is a large rock in the southern Malawi on 65 km east of Blantyre, rising sharply from the surrounding plains of Chiradzuli, and the tea-growing Mulanje district. It has a maximum elevation of 3,200m at its highest point, Sapitwa peak. For hikers and climbers, Mount Mulanje is a must. At over 3,200 meters, Sapitwa Peak is the highest point in south-central Africa. The area surrounding Mount Mulanje is amongst Malawi’s most scenic. Sprawling tea estates, the Mulanje Golf Club, Likhubula Forest Reserve and Mulanje Town are just a few options for visitors. Most hikers first arrive in Mulanje Town, which is well equipped with hotels and restaurants. Hotel recommendation in Mulanje Town: Kara O’Mula Country Lodge, Hapuwani lodge, Mulanje motel just to mention but a few. Mount Mulanje forms part of a protected area known as the Mulanje Forest Reserve. The Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust manages hiking and climbing activities. Hiking routes are clearly marked. There are 10 camping huts spread over the mountain for overnight stays. Each hut has cooking facilities, restrooms, mattresses and basic camping equipment. Hikes from one hut to the next can range from three to five hours. Mount Mulanje is just 65 kilometers from Blantyre. For more information, visit the Mountain Club of Malawi.

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