Likoma Island

Likoma Island

Off the eastern shore of the Lake Malawi is Likoma Island: a little piece of Malawian territory in Mozambican waters. The flat and sandy south of the island is littered with baobabs and it also offers an amazing panoramic view of the Mozambican coast. The island's main quality that evokes interest is its abundance of pristine beaches where you can enjoy activities, both cultural and physical, to fill several days. The island is only 17km, and has one town. Here it's where you will find Central Africa's third largest Cathedral, St Peter's.

Things to do

  • Boat trips around the island

  • Diving

  • Biking or trekking

  • Cultural Visits

  • Sight seeing

  • Exploring

  • Visiting the island villages on foot or on a hired mountain bike.

Things to look out for

  • A visit to the Cathedral:St Peters Cathedral is as big as Winchester Cathedral in England, which is one of the biggest in Europe. The construction started in 1903 and got completed in 1911. The Church/building has some interesting and amazing features like stained grass and carved soapstone choir stalls.

  • The Clock tower:At the Cathedral, climbing the clock tower will provide you with a very stunning view across Likoma.

  • Traditional dances:Traditional dancing competition more especially for Malipenga are mostly held during weekends and are extremely interesting to watch due to the traditional instruments that they use and the costumes that they wear.

  • If you want to escape to an island paradise immersed in culture then Likoma Island is the place for you. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of Lake Malawi, the beautiful beaches and marvel at the colonial infrastructure.Likoma is a very great spot for honeymooners and easily reachable by flight or by boat.

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