Mulanje Mountain

Mulanje Mountain

The Mulanje Mountain, which is also known as the Mulanje Massif, is located 65km of Blantyre, rising sharply from the surrounding plains of Chiradzulu and the tea-growing district of Mulanje. It is approximately 13 x 16 miles (22x 26kilometers).

Mulanje has many individual peaks reaching heights of over 2500m, including Sapitwa Central Africa's highest point which is 3,002m and Chambe Peak, the west face of which is the longest rock climb in Africa. Each of these peaks is accessible for hikers and anyone trekking the mountain needs to do so with a certified guide.

Once on the Mountain the vegetation changes with altitude and there's plenty of wildlife from the klipspringer, tiny antelopes, to various other small mammals and of course, a variety of birds. The latter include buzzard, the black eagle and countless white-necked ravens. Fishing for trout is possible in the River Lichenya which drains the south-western slopes.

Things to do:
Hiking and climbing
Sight seeing
Swimming from the springs or waterfalls

The scale of this truly magnificent mountain has to be seen to be appreciated. It lies to the east of Blantyre and is easily accessible. Visitors can drive round the foot of the massif in a day but even more attractive is to trek and campon the mountain. There are choices between quite walking and serious climbing. Arrangements are done to hire climbing equipment and services of the guides.

Things to look out for:

Hiking to the top:
Once you will get yourself to the top of Mulanje Mountain mostly Sapitwa peak, you will be on the highest point than anybody else in the central Africa. This is the awesome prospect and when you are on the top you will enjoy the view and the scenery.

Swim in the waterfalls:
Mulanje Mountain has several waterfalls but there is a major one which feeds into a large pool. After a strenuous hike this pool is best to dive into but be warned the water is often icy cold.

Hiking Mulanje Mountain is for everyone you don't need to be a specialist in Mountain Hiking. The only challenge comes in when you wants to hike to Sapitwa because it needs more energy and be ready to take the challenge. If you enjoy walking and breathing in the freshest of the fresh air then Mount Mulanje is the greatest destination for you.

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