Zomba Plateau

Zomba Plateau

Zomba Plateau is unique, a great slab of a mountain rising to 6000ft (1800m). The plateau top is criss-crossed by streams and there are tumbling waterfalls and still lakes. There are drivable tracks right round the top from which are views of such splendour that they were described in colonial times as "the best in British Empire". Whether walking or driving, there is always something to see. Wildlife includes leopards, although sighting is rare. More in evidence are large butterflies and on the lower slopes, baboons. Birdlife includes the long-crested eagle and the auger buzzard.Zomba Plateau is radically different from what surrounds it- it is cooler, it has rare varieties of plants, it offers some breath-taking views, and is a haven of seclusion and peace.


  • Horse riding

  • Walking and trekking

  • Fishing

  • Cycling

  • Walking through the colonial architectural & history

  • Zomba has a lot of activities on the plateau as well as in the city. Being an active person you will not out of things to do. Zomba was the capital of first British Central Africa. The British colonial past is reflected in the architecture of its older buildings and homes. The main attraction in zomba is the plateau; here you can partake in a range of activities including walking and trekking, cycling and mountain biking, fishing and horse riding.

  • The Waterfall;

  • The William's waterfalls. The best way to relax and refresh after an exhilarating hike or bike is dip yourself in this icy cold that is if you can brave the cold.
  • Horse riding on the plateau;

  • Horse riding on the plateau is for everyone and this is one of the things one must do when visiting Zomba. Don't worry if you have never ride a horse before because you will be led and if you are an experienced rider, you will ride on your own and can have free reign.
    If you love the great outdoors you will love Zomba plateau. With the wide range of activities, you will find a lot to do and you won't get bored. Activities can be adapted to suit people of all ages, and a range of accommodation options, right for all budgets.

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